4 Way Brass Hose Splitter

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Material Brass
Brand Splittars
Color Brass
Exterior Finish Brass
Number Of Pieces 1

About this item

  • Individual valve control:​ ​This ​garden hose splitter​ will let you control the water flow as all the​ ​4 ​way outlets are equipped with an individual on / off valves. ​resulting in efficient water utilization
  • 4-way hose outlets​: The flexibility of having a ​4 Way Splitter ​ensures ​that all your backyard & garden water requirements are met and​ sprinklers are connected to the water supply 24/7
  • Premium quality solid brass construction:​ The 4- way hose splitter is made in top quality heavy duty brass. The splitter supports up to water pressure
  • Durability:​ This heavy duty 4 way brass hose splitter drive it’s strength and toughness from it’s brass body, making it rust free and corrosion resistant
  • Convenient: ​The ​garden hose 4-way splitter​ is a complete suite of ease and convenience as all the connectors can be turned on and off individually, allowing you to use one or more as per your preference

Where to Use 4 Way Hose Splitter

  • 01. Baby Pool & Family Fun
  • 02. Washing Car
  • 03. Watering Plants
  • 04. Showering Pets


8 reviews for 4 Way Brass Hose Splitter

  1. Fahim Khemji

    Great quality and installs quickly. Although I’ve only had this 4-outlet splitter in use for a few days, the performance has exceeded my expectations.

    Got tired of the Melnor plastic “Y” units lasting only a season or two before they broke off, so decided to take the plunge into metal.

    This is what I found most useful:

    1) The connector which fits onto the hose bib (a.k.a. spigot) rotates, so you can orient the assembly at any angle you need. Very impressive.

    2) No leaks whatsoever. Positive 100% off with each individual valve, No-leak connector to the faucet, perfect.

    3) Flow rate is just fine. Although the exit diameter from the manifold is smaller than the hose bib by about 30%, the various hoses perform as though they are the only ones connected.

    4) Spacing between the four outlets is good enough for large hose attachments or even timers. Fairly versatile.

  2. April Lawson

    This splitter is what you don’t know you need! I have 1 hose connected for my planters close to the house, 1 for my drip irrigation, 1 for a hose that goes out far to my flower beds, and my plan is to dedicate the last 1 to a drip line for my garlic bed. (Garlic doesn’t like a lot of moisture.) Worh 4 outputs you can create zones without all the fancy switches!! Simply connect your pressure regulator and poly tubing and you’re set for drip.

    I have ZERO leak issues and the on and off switches are solid. You can adjust the gauge/output on each output, I love that! I have had zero issues with the metal turning colors.
    Promise you won’t want the Y splitter after this one …

  3. Honest Abe

    I bought this to be able to use a drip irrigation timer for my garden beds and also a couple hoses. Unfortunately, the threaded area is short and the on/off levers prevent the timer from getting a proper seal- so it leaks constantly. It seems to be of heavy duty build but won’t work for my purposes. FYI: I have an Orbit timer. I will be returning it.

  4. Benozzo

    Well made, solid, works well. I especially like that the two outside connections are angled out which makes it easier to attach bulkier things like the two Orbit b-hyve timers I have.

  5. Palomerabackyardfarm

    I absolutely LOVE this product and can’t believe O didn’t buy it sooner. I have a fairly large garden with garden beds and grow bags and trellises everywhere, and pulling the hose around always frustrating me. I didn’t enjoy watering because it always resulted in me fighting with the hose and getting all dirty. With this genius little gadget I no longer have to wrestle my hose. I have four hoses attached and they eat service their own section. So not only do I avoid dragging my single hose around the entire garden, but I also get more done quicker because I can water all four sections at the same time. If you’re looking for practical and efficient, this is it.

  6. Jessica Fikes

    If you have a busy backyard this is for you. We have an automatic garden system, sprinklers for trampoline, sprinklers for the grass and a misting system for hanging plants. I hated having to switch everything back and forth. With this you can turn some of the ports closed and just utilize the ones using at that time. No leakage yet, I’ll update I it does after usage but so far so good.

  7. Jen David

    I bought this splitter so I could keep my garden hose connected while also running soaker hoses to my garden pots. The splitter is made of a good, sturdy material and feels like brass. Installation was easy as it came with the necessary washers and plumbers tape. Shut off valves allow you to close off areas you don’t want to water. This item is exactly what I was looking for and works great for my need.

  8. Brandon P

    This is one of the best garden hose splitters I’ve ever bought. I bought one to set up my irrigation system for my garden and liked it so much I bought it again. Reasonably priced and very solid and love the extra washers and Teflon tape.

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